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Monday, October 27, 2014

Knock It Off

These products may be knockoffs, but they're actually pretty great.

The best toothpaste, Crust.


Can we stop with the "sexy" Halloween costumes? Because, really, why do we need a sexy Ebola nurse?


This is the best Matthew McConaughey impression ever. And it comes from the mouth of Kate Hudson.


Make your bubbe proud. Or just impress your Jewish friends. Either way, these classic Jewish dishes are delicious to eat.


Speaking of things to cook: Stop spending money on brownie and cake mixes. You know you can make those all yourself, right?


This is the ultimate hotel room for Harry Potter fans. Muggles, you've got to see this magical suite.


In other entertainment-turned-real-life news: This is the greatest Little Mermaid-themed wedding ever.


Revel in the beauty, behold the incredible grace. These are truly the most majestic things to ever happen...kind of.


And lastly: Don't sweat the small stuff. Learn some brilliant storage solutions for your tiniest things.

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