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Friday, October 31, 2014


Your standard fist bump/high five misunderstanding has nothing on this.

The 26 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened

This third-wheel experience went terribly wrong. Tough break, bro.

tough break, bro


These GIFs will make you laugh every single time. They're just as perfect as the first time you saw them.


Bras are super awkward. Every girl knows that all too well.


Some tattoos can really surprise you. All tattoos should be this unexpectedly clever.


There are important life skills out there, like how to yo-yo in space. Why don't they teach stuff like that in school?


Two amateur bartenders tried to create homemade Fireball whiskey. Please do not attempt this at home.


This robber tried to steal a woman's handbag. And then it backfired dramatically.


What would it look like if Disney princesses had realistic waistlines? And more importantly: Why don't they look like this realistic already?


And finally, because it's Halloween: This is how Candy Corn got its name. Pretty cool, right?

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