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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Cop-Killer Suspect Slapped in Victim's Cuffs

Read This, Skip That ....

October 31, 2014

After a 48-day manhunt in the Pennsylvania woods, accused cop-killer Eric Frein was finally captured on Thursday night. The self-described survivalist eluded thousands of officers searching for him until he turned up in an abandoned airplane hangar. Michael Daly reports the first thing cops did was slap the slain trooper's handcuffs on Frein.


Top military leaders are increasingly frustrated by the tight constraints the White House has placed on plans to fight ISIS and train a new Syrian rebel army. Josh Rogin and Eli Lake report that the decision-making process run by National Security Advisor Susan Rice has been manic and obsessed with the tiniest of details.

'Win Ugly'

The oil and gas industry got some blunt advice from a veteran political consultant: fight dirty. Richard Berman recently told industry executives in a closed-door speech if they want to stop opponents, they should use tactics like digging up embarrassing tidbits about environmentalists and liberal celebrities. (An offended executive leaked Berman's remarks to The New York Times.) Berman was soliciting up to $3 million to finance a PR campaign called "Big Green Radicals." Don't worry about offending the public, he said, because "you can either win ugly or lose pretty."


LeBron James was welcomed back to Cleveland on Thursday night, greeted with a deafening roar by more than 20,000 Cavaliers fans loving him all over again after hating him for decamping for Miami four years ago. The superstar is regarded as the engine that will drive the basketball team to an NBA champonship and end a 50-year drought. But the night's best moments came prior to the game, as James played poorly and the Cavaliers were beaten 95-90 by the New York Knicks. James had eight turnovers, missed 10 shots and was not in sync with his new teammates.


Watching a Western movie is punishable by death in totalitarian North Korea. For 21-year-old Yeonmi Park, it was worth the risk: seeing Titanic empowered her to risk it all to escape from the Hermit Kingdom. Lizzie Crocker reports on her harrowing escape that saw family members imprisoned and unspeakable brutality by Chinese authorities.

Show Me the Money
Lawsuit Seeks $500M Over Ebola Gowns
Claims garments let diseases through.
Medicare Bought Drugs for Dead People
In bureaucratic mix-up.
Jerusalem Holy Site Reopened
Ahead of Muslim prayers.
Young Perps
2 Teens Charged in Bronx School Rapes
Two girls assaulted in auditorium.
25,000 to Swarm Hello Kitty Convention
First one starts in L.A.

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