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Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Uncanny

It's crazy how much these actors look like the historical figures they've played.



Instead of just dealing with sexist sex-ed classes, this teenager wrote an open letter to complain. And now it's going viral.


Airport security is tough for everyone. Even when you're a Nobel Prize winner.


Beyoncé and Jay Z took the City of Light by storm. It's probably safe to say that she's happy to be in Paris.


This kid found his way onto a local newscast, and he danced like everyone was watching.


Wearing a seashell bra all the time. Accidentally freezing an entire kingdom. And 24 other things only Disney Princesses can get away with.


More money, same product. Why do women's goods cost more than their counterparts for men?


Being constantly asked if all you eat is salad. Just one awkward moment every vegetarian must endure.


And finally: This little bulldog puppy is learning to howl. Your heart might not be able to handle so much cute.

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