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Monday, October 13, 2014

Cheat Sheet - How Ebola Got Loose in Dallas

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October 13, 2014
A nurse who treated Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan now has the virus, making her the first person to catch Ebola inside the U.S. The new case stokes further fear among the public, but health-care professionals are even more disturbed about a protocol breach that allowed Ebola to spread. Abby Haglage and Kent Sepkowitz ask: Are health-care workers treating Ebola ever really safe?

Hundreds marched to the campus of St. Louis University early Monday morning and staged a sit-in. On Sunday evening, 500 protesters gathered near the site in the city's Shawn neighborhood where Vonderrit Myers Jr. was fatally shot by police Wednesday night. Police say 18-year-old Myers fired at the officer first. Myers' father, who works at the university, addressed the protesters. "This lets me know my son was loved," he said. The shooting of Myers set off a new wave of protests in the St. Louis area, which is still reeling over the killing of Michael Brown in August. "We are here to destroy systematic racism and white supremacy," said one protester. Cornell West, who was in St. Louis headlining an interfaith rally on police violence, also joined the protests. The march and sit-in came at the end of the third day of "Ferguson October," which is a series of events targeted at discussing and protesting the recent shooting.

The Tesoro rail facility got away with dumping a highly flammable oil byproduct into Seattle's waters for at least a year before state regulators ever intervened. That's not the only thing suspect about the potentially dangerous leak, reports Bill Conroy. State officials never probed Tesoro's claim that there was no risk of fire, and inspectors didn't visit the facility until five months after the leak source was fixed.

Turkey denied the U.S. claim made early Monday that it had approved the use of an air base to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The country's prime minister said no deal has been reached to let the U.S. use Incirlik air base, but talks are continuing. Turkish lawmakers recently passed a motion allowing foreign forces to use its bases. Turkey has agreed to train to "moderate" Syrian rebels, though. Turkey has been under increasing pressure to help as ISIS has moved into the strategic Syrian town of Kobani, near the Turkish border. The U.S. and its allies have been conducting airstrikes against ISIS there, but Ankara has been reluctant to get involved, and it has been criticized for letting its tank crews stand idly across the border while the town is besieged.


A backlash against pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong appeared to be rising Monday. Angry crowds tried to charge barricades set up by pro-democracy protesters downtown, and a mob of masked men, apparently colluding with taxi drivers and truck drivers, rushed protesters and took down some of the barricades. Dozens of people, many of them middle-age or older men, shouted "Open the road!" They were restrained by police officers. Separately, police started taking away unmanned barricades and plastic safety barriers at the edges of the central financial district ahead of the morning rush hour. The developments come a day after Chief Executive C.Y. Leung said students who have been leading the protests have an "almost zero chance" of forcing Beijing to change the way Hong Kong's leader is nominated. The students had set electoral reform as a condition for talks to end the crisis. Leung also said he was confident the protests "cannot go on for a long time."

Newly Released Man Allegedly Killed Mom
Two days after he finished 30-year prison sentence.
Jean Tirole Wins Nobel for Economics
French expert on cartels.
Louisiana Nixes Ashes From Ebola Victim
State seeks to keep out Duncan's burned belongings.
Judge Overturns Alaska Gay-Marriage Ban
Ruling is latest in growing tide.
N. Korea: We Moved U.S. War Graves
Trying to pressure U.S. for more money.

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