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Monday, October 13, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Glock Family Goes Down, Guns Blazing

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October 13, 2014
A new lawsuit threatens the gun industry's most successful and secretive tycoon, alleging Gaston Glock has pulled off a decades-long racketeering scheme. King Lear, strippers, and show horses: Brandy Zadrozny goes inside the $500 million lawsuit that could bring down Glock's gun empire.

The CDC urged all hospitals throughout the country to "think Ebola" and be prepared to detect the highly contagious virus. Director Tom Frieden said in a press conference Monday that hospitals should be on the lookout for fever and other symptoms of the virus in any patient who traveled to one of three Ebola-stricken African countries in the past 21 days. Frieden also identified Nina Pham, 26, as the Dallas nurse with the second American case of Ebola. He said Pham is in isolation, but is "clinically stable." Frieden also warned that there may be other Ebola cases among those who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient with the first U.S. case of Ebola who died last week. "It is possible that workers will contaminate themselves" in taking off their protective gear, said Frieden. Sunday's announcement that one of Duncan's caretakers contracted Ebola raises questions about the safety of health-care workers.

Honoring Columbus is an idea whose time has past, writes Carrie Gibson. The holiday pays tribute to a man who has nothing to do directly with American history—though that is not to say that we don't have plenty in our past that merits a day of celebration.

Penn State has rescinded its scholarship offer to a Sayreville High School senior in light of the New Jersey team's locker-room sexual harassment. According to, Myles Hartsfield verbally committed to play football for the Nittany Lions and was expected to sign a binding National Letter of Intent in February. "All I know is Penn State is moving on," said Ryan Snyder of Rivals. "Why they decided to move on, when the offer was pulled, who they're going after now, I don't know." Seven Sayreville players, ages 15 to 17, were charged over the weekend in connection with the hazing and aggravated sexual assault. They're accused of holding down players, inserting a finger into their rectums, and then into their mouths. The accused have not been publicly named. Before criminal charges were filed, Penn State Coach James Franklin confirmed a player from Sayreville committed to the team, but did not reveal his identity or comment on his status. "You guys know just as much as we do at this point," he said. "We are waiting to hear."

Why is the Kremlin trying to scrub clean Russia's memory and conscience? The ministry of justice is doing its best to shut down Memorial, the country's oldest civil rights group, first headed by Andrei Sakharov. If it succeeds in shutting down the organization at the heart of civil society, it will be a disaster for whatever hope democracy has left in the Russian Federation, reports Anna Nemtsova.

Eagles Fan Stole Singer's Prosthetic Leg
The woman was "inebriated."
GOP Rep.: Democrat is 'Ugly as Hell'
Compares her to a drag queen.
States: Highway Guardrails May Be Lethal
Federal Highway Administration insists they're safe.
Marine Held in Trans Murder Overseas
Body found strangled in Philippines.
Liberia Ebola Medics Defy Strike
Union wants better gear, higher hazard pay.

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