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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cheat Sheet - This Is Ben Affleck’s Best Performance Ever

Read This, Skip That ....

October 02, 2014
It turns out that killer smile is good for something: Ben Affleck delivers the performance of his career as suspected wife-murderer Nick Dunne in Gone Girl, writes Kevin Fallon. Gigli, be damned.
Texas health officials now say that as many as 100 people in the state are being monitored for possible signs of the Ebola virus. The people being monitored include the 12 to 18 people who first came into contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient listed in serious condition at a Dallas hospital. Federal health officials have said the figure includes a handful of schoolchildren and three members of the ambulance crew that took the infected man to the hospital. The larger number includes those initial people who had contact with Duncan. Four members of Duncan's family have been ordered to stay home until Oct. 19 without any unauthorized visitors. Officials say this is a precaution, even though they are not showing symptoms.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, former President George W. Bush claimed that the recent U.S. military intervention shows that Iraqis are not yet capable of providing their own security. "The Iraqi people obviously are going to have to make a decision as to whether or not they want to live in peace," he said. "They're not ready to do it on their own, and that's the lesson we've learned recently." When asked about a 2007 speech in which he warned about mass killing if U.S. troops withdrew, Bush replied, "I know the nature of the enemy." And while he said he wasn't going to "second-guess our president—I understand how tough the job is," when asked whether he would have left a residual force, he responded "Yeah."

In a sense, Bashar al-Assad has already won the Syrian civil war. The idealists who started the revolution have been killed, quieted, or forced out of the country, writes Joshua Hersh. So much for the "moderate" opposition.
The former president will headline four events in his home state next week. Think keeping a little blue in this deep-red state matters to him just a little? Patricia Murphy writes that 2014 is no ordinary midterm election in Arkansas, and Bill Clinton is, of course, no ordinary politician.

Head Injury Kills Teen Football Player
After hit from opponent.
Chicken-Clubbing Teens Arrested
For allegedly killing of 920 chickens.
Search Still on for Missing Marine
Bailed after MV-22 Osprey mishap.
Ferguson Grand Jury Leak Investigated
Tweet said officer won't be charged.
26,000 Iraqi Civilian Casualties in 2014
ISIS kills several thousand.

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