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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stay Just As Lazy As You Are

There's nothing wrong with being extremely lazy. It's the way everyone should be!

19 Things All Lazy People Don’t Have Time For

Washing the car? Wearing pants? Doing pretty much anything? Nobody has time for that.

it'll get done eventually (maybe)


A mom documented the things her 4-year-old says to her. Kids can be hilariously honest.


We talk a lot about terrible people on Tinder. But here's to the people who are amazing at the dating app.


It's October! And that means there's some delicious stuff you need to cook this month.


It's hard out there if you hate people. But follow these rules and you'll be OK.


A PSA: If you ever decide to propose on the Brooklyn Bridge, try not to drop the ring.


Are you more right-brained or left-brained? It's time to see where your personality falls.


Millions of people find themselves easily distracted every day. It's a very real, very serious problem.


And finally: If you work in an office, you do some embarrassing stuff. But you'll never fess up to any of it.

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