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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No! No! No!

You have to pay for ketchup packets at McDonald’s in Italy. Life abroad is strange.

19 Mind-Blowing Facts About Life In Other Countries

Nodding means “no” in Bulgaria. Life in other countries can be strange.

so... yes? No? Maybe?


Here's to sassy kids everywhere. Never listen to your parents or teachers, OK?


A high school senior wanted his cat in his yearbook photo. Here's proof that dreams do come true.


Bill Murray showed up at George Clooney's wedding. As always: Bill Murray is the best at everything he does.


Some people don't tip their waiters for bad service. One couple decided to take a different approach.


Passengers on a flight from New York to LA apparently got stuck with a ridiculously drunk woman. This is every flier's worst nightmare.


Here's the unfortunate truth: The earth is full of terrifying stuff. It's best to stay inside forever.


A big question for every mom or dad out there: How much do you really know about social media?


And finally: Bumper stickers are an underrated source of entertainment. What's on your car is who you are.

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