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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

FIGHT TO THE LEFT: David Brock Angrily Resigns From Pro-Hillary PAC

It's an American Bridge Over Troubled Water. Media Matters founder David Brock, head of the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, resigned Monday from the board of the other pro-Hillary super PAC Priorities USA Action, which…

Samuel Adams Just Took Their IPA Game Up 300% With Rebel Rider Session IPA And The Rebel Rouser Double IPA

Session IPA? Double IPA? Yes, Please

Handful of Senate Democrats Plan To Attend Netanyahu Speech

'I think it's an unfortunate occurrence for the people of Israel that this became such a political event'

Vox Explains How To Give A Blowjob From A Seated Position

It's unbelievable

Obama "Hopeful" Immigration Will Drown Conservatism

'And that's a source of optimism'

How To Commit Random Acts Of Obama

Manson Wedding Off, Bride Only Wanted Him For His Body…Literally

GOP Energy Agenda: Build Keystone, Stop The EPA

'Today's energy policies are lagging far behind'

Study: Smugglers Help Smokers Evade High Cigarette Taxes

Not too hard, really

Obama Expands Immigration Via Border Security Plan

Whatever the problem, more immigration is the answer

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