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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reuters Oddly Enough Report

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Reuters Election 2012 Daily round-up of the day's top news from the campaign trail, the White House and all the politics in between
Greece's Varoufakis becomes unlikely heartthrob in Germany
BERLIN (Reuters) - Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has become an improbable heartthrob in Germany, where his demands to renegotiate the nation's debt fell on deaf ears but his charm and masculine appearance have not gone unnoticed.
Moon objects found in astronaut Neil Armstrong's closet
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A treasure trove of objects that were supposed to have been left behind after the first moon landing have turned up in the closet of Neil Armstrong, the first man to step onto the lunar surface, the Smithsonian Institution has said.
Excavated records show the perilous past of 17th century Londoners
LONDON (Reuters) - Londoners in the 17th century were never far from danger as plague, infant mortality and angry mobs menaced the capital, burial records dug up by the Crossrail construction project showed on Monday.
Mum's the word as Brazilian club bid to curb violence
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - A Brazilian soccer club has employed fans' mothers to act as stewards in the hope it will discourage supporters from fighting.
Belgian club plans appeal against 356-3 defeat
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian rugby club that succumbed to a record defeat at the weekend are seeking to have the result annulled because the referee arrived more than an hour late.
Chilean mountaineers find plane lost in Andes over 53 years ago
SANTIAGO (Reuters) - After a grueling journey up into the rarefied air of the Andes mountains, an expedition team announced it has discovered the fuselage of a passenger plane that went missing over a half century ago.
Colombia's FARC rebels invite Miss Universe to attend peace talks
BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombia's Marxist FARC rebels have invited the newly-crowned Miss Universe Paulina Vega, a native of the country's Caribbean coast, to attend their peace negotiations with the government, a bid to end 50 years of fighting.
'Hot Mugshot Guy' from California gets 27 months in prison
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Jeremy Meeks, the California man whose mugshot became a sensation among Web users admiring his male-model good looks, has been sentenced to more than two years in prison on a gun charge, federal prosecutors said on Friday.
Family obit, in jest, says Seahawks' Super Bowl play caused death
SEATTLE (Reuters) - A Washington state man's obituary jokingly blames his "untimely demise" on the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl loss, which many exasperated football fans chalked up to botched play-making.
Strong Swiss franc boosts trade at German brothels
ZURICH (Reuters) - A jump in the Swiss franc against the euro, which threatens to push the country's economy into recession, is boosting trade in brothels across the border in Germany.
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