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Saturday, February 7, 2015

ScienceDaily: Top Science News

ScienceDaily: Top Science News

Another reason to drink wine: It could help you burn fat, study suggests

Posted: 06 Feb 2015 08:17 AM PST

Drinking red grape juice or wine -- in moderation -- could improve the health of overweight people by helping them burn fat better, a new study indicates. The findings suggest that consuming dark-colored grapes, whether eating them or drinking juice or wine, might help people better manage obesity and related metabolic disorders such as fatty liver.

Settling for 'Mr. Right Now' better than waiting for 'Mr. Right', shows model of digital organisms

Posted: 06 Feb 2015 08:16 AM PST

Evolutionary researchers have determined that settling for 'Mr. Okay' is a better evolutionary strategy than waiting for 'Mr. Perfect.' When studying the evolution of risk aversion using a computational model of digital organisms, researchers found that it is in our nature -- traced back to the earliest humans -- to take the safe bet when stakes are high, such as whether or not we will mate.

FDA approves groundbreaking new drug, Ibrance, for patients with estrogen-receptor positive advanced breast cancer

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 04:00 PM PST

FDA has approved Ibrance (palbociclib), representing a new treatment method to arrest tumor growth in certain advanced breast cancer patients. IBRANCE targets a key family of proteins responsible for cell growth. Results of a phase 2 study found the combination of IBRANCE and letrozole improved progression-free survival by 10 months as compared to letrozole alone. Over 80 percent of metastatic ER+ breast cancer patients received some benefit from this treatment.

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