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Monday, February 2, 2015

Katy Perry’s Dancing Sharks Won The Super Bowl

Technically, the Patriots won the game, but those sharks won our hearts.

Katy Perry’s Sharks Were The Best Part Of The Super Bowl

Forget the game or the ads or even Katy herself. It's about time sea creatures got some respect.

YES sharks YES


Meanwhile, what was Katy going for exactly with her outfit choices? Turns out, she resembled a LOT of things.


These were the Super Bowl ads worth watching. Fair warning: Some of them were actually super depressing.


Like that Nationwide ad featuring the dead kid? That may have been the darkest Super Bowl ad ever.


And one last football note: We asked guys to try on women’s football apparel. The NFL makes some truly weird gear for ladies.


OK, moving on: February has arrived! Here’s what you’re going to want to cook this month.


What’s your horoscope for February? Get all of your answers right here.


In the spirit of Valentines’s Day: There are a ton of products made just for couples. But many go way too far.


Getting good romantic advice can be tricky. Luckily, these 36 people are here with their invaluable tips.


And finally: Happy birthday, Harry Styles! He’s finally 21 — and a lot of people are pretty thankful for that.

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