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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Live Your Best Life

These champs know how to live the most awesome life possible.

27 People Who Will Teach You How To Live

This dude understands the real use for a gym card. Take notes, everyone: These people are living their best lives.

Life advice from me: Skip the gym, eat a cookie.


This hipster tried to crowdfund his dates. And people totally lost their minds over it.


A woman decided to stop wearing yoga pants — and her clothing choices have sparked a big controversy.


Emma Watson can't stop killing it. Get excited: The new role she's taken on could not be more perfect.


The Disney princesses always manage to avoid a bad hair day. Well, the frizz finally caught up with them.


Whether or not you're dealing with a major blizzard, there's nothing better than getting cozy with some Netflix. And this quiz is here to help you binge the day away.


You already know Ellen DeGeneres is the best. But get ready: Here are the inspirational Ellen quotes you need.


Friends may be over for good, there are some important questions it left unanswered. Come on, Friends, we can handle the truth.


And finally: You may know your horoscope, but do you know which alcohol matches your star sign?

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