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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cheat Sheet - This Russian News Agency Doubled as a Spy Machine

Read This, Skip That ....

January 27, 2015
Red Letters

Moscow's alleged spy ring in New York City sometimes took orders from a Kremlin-run news outfit. Shane Harris reports on Tass's long history of giving cover to spies and what they wanted to know about Wall Street.


In a landmark move, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Tuesday that is changing its posture toward gays. The church has decided to support anti-discrimination legislation for gays and lesbians in the realm of housing and employment. The church also announced that it it comes with the condition that no one can be forced to perform actions if he or she has religious objections. One example, a doctor who refuses to artificially inseminate a lesbian couple. Utah is facing two bills that promote protections for each group. Political watchers in the state have noted that both measures would be likely to pass if the LDS Church got behind it.


While the blizzard was a bust for the New York metropolitan area, the National Weather Service is predicting that the Northeast will continued to get slammed in parts. Already, sections of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have recorded 30 inches of snow. Coastal flooding and thundersnow has also been reported in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The storm has affected about 20 percent of American households, keeping millions of workers and students homebound and canceling thousands of flights.


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years, will be charged by the Army with desertion, NBC News reports. The charges will reportedly be referred within a week. Nancy A. Youssef reports Bergdahl's lawyer said he has not heard anything about such charges being filed. Bergdahl reportedly just walked off in the middle of the night, and soldiers from his unit say several died while searching for him. In letters he wrote while imprisoned, Bergdahl claimed that the reason he left was because of poor leadership in his unit. However, the Army on Tuesday denied that a decision has been made to charge Bergdahl for desertion.

War on Terror II

The former chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, retired general Michael Flynn says the Obama administration means well in fighting ISIS, but can't even admit "Islamic militants" exist. Kimberly Dozier reports on the warrior turned critic.

Boehner to Sue Obama, Again
This time over immigration.
Cop Took Camera From Disabled Resident
Will be criminally charged.
24 Hours Until ISIS Kills Hostages
Japanese national makes final video.
Scott Walker Forms Presidential Group
After speaking in Iowa.

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