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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hope Is A Good Thing

Maybe the best thing. Take one look at these kids, and you’ll see the future.

26 Pictures That Will Give You Hope For The Future

Who says the future isn’t bright? There is truly hope for us all.

you do you, Cooler Daniel


Taylor Swift just randomly sent one of her fans $1,989 to help her pay off student loans. Never change, Taylor.


Turning 30 is complicated. That’s why there are birthday cards like these to make the big 3-0 easier to deal with.


There’s a dog in Seattle who rides the bus by herself to get to the park. Humans are quickly becoming obsolete.


You may not have everything together. But North West always does.


This son got a kiss from his dad. And his reaction was absolutely wonderful.


Flying isn’t fun. But one Delta passenger had a pretty good time when he flew to New York — and had the flight practically to himself.


Some people are always late. These are their confessions.


Matthew McConaughey’s Dazed And Confused audition just popped up online. It’s really something.


And finally: Here’s what the cast of Scooby Doo looks like now. Zionks, a ton has changed.

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