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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bad Idea

Things could be worse. At least you haven’t made a decision this bad lately.

31 People Who Make Worse Decisions Than You

Think before you act. It’ll save you from some terrible decisions.

that ended poorly


If you've ever tried kombucha before, FYI: Here's what's actually in your drink.


Proof that celebs are awkward, too: Jimmy Fallon had the chance to date Nicole Kidman and totally screwed up.


These photos will make you feel weirdly uncomfortable. You've been warned in advance.


What’s your personal 2015 theme song? There’s a song out there that will define your year.


Starbucks is now selling the flat white, a classic Australian coffee. So we asked real Australians what they think of it.


A lot of people think sandwiches are called Homemade Subway. That's just unfortunate.


The cast of Downton Abbey played Cards Against Humanity. And it was so very wrong.


And finally: How well do you know Greek mythology? Come on, you can do this!

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