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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

U.S. Top News: Ex-CIA officials say torture report is one-sided, flawed

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Ex-CIA officials say torture report is one-sided, flawed
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of former top-ranking CIA officials disputed a U.S. Senate committee's finding that the agency's interrogation techniques produced no valuable intelligence, saying such work had saved thousands of lives.
More NBA stars join protest over police violence, hundreds march in California
BERKELEY, Calif./NEW YORK (Reuters) - More NBA players joined ongoing nationwide protests against police violence on Tuesday night, as dozens of demonstrators again briefly blocked a California freeway.
U.S. appeals court vacates two insider trading convictions
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court overturned the convictions of two former hedge fund managers on charges relating to insider trading, according to a court filing on Wednesday.
Dr. Phil's startup launches video visits with U.S. therapists
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Doctor On Demand is the latest Silicon Valley startup to bet that people will turn to mobile devices for confidential counseling.
U.S. top court rejects worker pay for security-screening time
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a victory to employers over worker compensation, ruling that companies do not have to pay employees for the time they spend undergoing security checks at the end of their shifts in a case involving an Inc warehousing contractor.
Report slams psychologists who devised Bush-era interrogation
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The CIA paid $80 million to a company run by two former Air Force psychologists without experience in interrogation or counter-terrorism who recommended waterboarding, slaps to the face and mock burial for prisoners the U.S. suspected of being terrorists, according to a U.S. Senate report.
Two die in Dallas fire at senior apartment complex: reports
(Reuters) - Two people died and three were injured on Wednesday in an large, early morning fire at an assisted-living apartment complex for senior citizens in Dallas, Texas, local media reported.
U.S. couple formerly held in Qatar sues husband's ex-employer
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - An American couple convicted and later cleared in the death of their adopted African-born daughter in Qatar has sued the husband's former employer, saying the engineering company essentially abandoned them after they were arrested.
Revel files motion to terminate deal with Brookfield Property
(Reuters) - Shuttered Revel Casino Hotel filed an emergency motion late on Tuesday, seeking approval to terminate its deal with Brookfield Property Partners LP and schedule a hearing to approve the sale to backup bidder Polo North Country Club Inc.
U.S. test-tube births underreported by states, study finds
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The number of test-tube babies born each year in the United States is underreported by states, a new federal study found on Wednesday, complicating efforts by researchers to understand the risks associated with pregnancies resulting from in vitro fertilizations.
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