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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cheat Sheet - ‘Rectal Feeding’ Is Nothing But Torture

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December 10, 2014
Of all the horrifying tactics described in the Senate's CIA torture report, "rectal feeding" may be the worst. From Ensure to hummus, food was pumped into prisoners' rectums by interrogators. Russell Saunders writes that no doctor has ever heard of this and for good reason—it's behavior modification in the guise of medicine.

Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post journalist imprisoned in Iran, has been kept in a prison cell for the past 141 days without a mattress, forcing him to sleep on the floor, according to his family. Rezaian has untreated back pain from sleeping on concrete, chronic eye infections that may leave permanent damage, and a groin inflammation that has left him unable to stand on occasion. Iran still has not explained why he was arrested or when he may be tried. Rezaian's family is also worried about his psychological state, saying he has been kept in near-total isolation. "Never has a Western journalist been held this long. It's taking a devastating toll on him, physically and mentally," said his brother Ali.

In response to critics, Lena Dunham corrected an essay on sexual assault to note that her alleged assailant was described with a pseudonym. Now, it's time for Breitbart and conservative trolls to stop harassing her and other sexual-assault victims, Emily Shire writes.
African-American staffers on Capitol Hill are just as dismayed as people protesting Eric Garner and Michael Brown's death are, and they plan to let people know. Tim Mak reports on the walkout planned for Thursday. "We are seen as dangerous, merely because of the color of our skin," said one organizer.
In a special election Tuesday, voters in Fayetteville, Arkansas, repealed a civil-rights ordinance that prohibited business owners and landlords from firing or evicting individuals based on sexual orientation, gender identity, economic background, marital status, or veteran status. A group called Repeal 119 had gathered enough signatures to put the ordinance, which passed on Aug. 20, up for a vote. The ordinance was repealed 52 percent to 48 percent.

50% of Parents Say No Football for Sons
Predominantly college-educated, wealthy.
Ohio County Arrests Blacks Just Because
Class-action lawsuit alleges.
Malala at Nobel: My Story Not Unique
"It is the story of many girls."
Ex-Polish President Admits to CIA Jails
After decade of denials.

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