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Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Is How You Take A Selfie

Your selfie game is pretty good. But these dogs really know how to take a photo.

32 Dog Selfies That Changed The World In 2014

Now THAT is how you take a selfie. Nicely played, dog.

haha nicely played


Men on Tinder get brutally shut down from time to time. Think twice before trying out any of these lines.


Which of these events happened first? Before you take this quiz, FYI: It may change the way you look at history.


And one more super difficult quiz for you: Which of these movies actually exist?


A woman stood up to the man who bullied her at school with this incredible note. Then something unexpected happened: He ended up apologizing.


So many painfully awkward things happened in 2014. Awkwardness is all around us.


We did an in-depth analysis of 21 Disney female leads. Our census found some magical things.


We need your help on this: Are these chivalrous acts cute or creepy?


And finally: This is what some of your favorite one-hit wonders from the 2000s look like now. Things really do change.

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