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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mistakes Were Made

Everyone makes mistakes at their holiday party. Just don't make these ones.

17 Awkward Moments That’ll Inevitably Happen At Your Office Holiday Party

Last year, you had one too many and took that embarrassing photo. You're better than that.

full disclosure: last year's holiday party got WILD


2014 was the year the Illuminati took over. These shocking photos are proof.


But it was also the year that the struggle became so, so real. It’s a miracle we all made it through.


A question just for Americans: Can we guess which region of the U.S. you're from?


We're asking readers to help us with the BuzzFeed Body Image Survey. How do you view your own body — and what do other people think about theirs?


Scientists have found evidence that men are idiots. Finally, there's proof for something we've always believed.


Here's to Jennifer Lawrence. Nobody owned this year quite like you, J-Law.


Who are the best and worst reindeer on Santa's sleigh? Santa Claus himself chimed in with the answers.


Back in the '90s, every kid wanted a Tamagotchi for Christmas. Or a Pocket Locket. The '90s feels like forever ago, doesn't it?


35 Of The Most Amazing Photos Of The Week

Each week, journalists all over the world produce incredible photographs. These were this week's best.

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