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Friday, October 3, 2014

You're A Creep

It's OK, we all can be creepy sometimes. **opens Facebook, continues to creep**

25 Incredibly Creepy Things Everyone Does

You've stared at someone too long to figure out if you know the person. It's really, really creepy.

just chill, Michael Cera, you're creeping us out


Are you smarter than a stoner? This quiz is the only way to find out.


It's hard waking up. It's not fun at all. But we're all in this early morning struggle together.


The world owes so much to our greatest inventors. Sadly, not everyone's ideas are great.


It's time to get a definitive answer to a big question: Where should you actually live in the USA?


Climate change is happening. Don't believe it? This one photo is all the proof you need.


There comes a moment in every thirtysomething's life where panic sets in. Getting old is the worst.


There are certain questions everyone has for pregnant women. So one woman decided to answer those uncomfortable questions.


And finally: Your teachers told you there was no such thing as a dumb question. They were so very wrong.

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