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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Is 2014 Over Yet?

This might have been the cringiest year ever. 2015, you can't be much worse.

The 29 Cringiest Things That Happened In 2014

Just look at Ariana Grande cringe on the runway. We're all cringing with you, Ariana.



Your coffee addiction has gotten completely out of hand. In 2015, you really need to get that under control.


One day, Hollywood might make a movie about your life. (And they should!) But who would play you in that movie?


This year, some people played amazing pranks on their friends. These were the best of the best.


Reading back through 2014's best headlines, it's as clear as ever: Drunk people do some dumb stuff.


Can you identify these 10 iconic chocolates? Just an FYI, this may make you crave chocolate.


Our movie critic watched 175 new films this year. These were the 12 that nobody should miss.


And finally: 2014 might have been the cutest year of all time. Here's your proof.

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