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Friday, December 5, 2014

Don't Wear That

That T-shirt you think is totally funny? It's not. It's actually pretty inappropriate.

29 Old People Rocking Highly Inappropriate T-Shirts

You wore WHAT outside the house? Yeah, that is 100% not OK.

Swagalicious? No thank you!


These are the dumbest things that happened in 2014. The worst of the worst. The dumbest of the dumb.


It doesn't take a big thing to make some people angry. An insignificant little thing can drive you into a blind rage.


How hipster are you? Put down the kale and take this quiz.


It's been a year full of important jawlines. But none more important than these.


Looking for a great new book to read? Here are our 24 favorite works of fiction in 2014.


This is a video of a Target employee giving the most epic pre-Black Friday pep talk ever. It'll make you want to run through a wall.


And finally: These women tried on vintage bras for the first time. How did women of the past deal with these?

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