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Friday, December 5, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Facebook Prince Purges 100-Year-Old Magazine

Read This, Skip That ....

December 05, 2014

Just weeks after Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg feted The New Republic's 100 years in print, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes gutted the magazine. "That dinner was like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones," a TNR veteran told Lloyd Grove. Inside the backstabbing, the tears, and the end of a journalistic institution.


The NYPD didn't see Eric Garner as a black man, or even a human, but a number. He was a street hustler at a time when police bosses were using the tally of arrests and summonses to measure performance. The terrible irony, writes Michael Daly, is that CompStat system was founded on the very principle that protesters have been chanting: black lives matter.


Protests across the country continued last night over a grand jury's failure to indict Eric Garner's killer cop. Tens of thousands, including Freedom Riders, mothers, and young activists, took to the streets in Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh, Oakland, and New York. Abby Haglage, Caitlin Dickson, Jacob Siegel, and Chris Allbritton report.


Real Social Dynamics, the company employing the infamous pickup artist Julien Blanc, has also attracted a would-be school shooter and an alleged kidnapper to its forums. Brandy Zadrozny reports on how by staying silent when it sees violence in its community, the company does little to dissuade the future violence of its users.


Shane Harris reports that a prominent Palestinian-American rights group that ordinarily advocates non-violent protests put together a conference last month in Chicago that included a lecture on how to "navigate the fine line between legal activism and material support for terrorism."

NASA Launches Orion
Soaring at 15,000 mph.
Dem Panel Clears Christie in Bridgegate
Finds no direct evidence.
LAPD Would Investigate Cosby Claims
Regardless of statute of limitations.
Cruise Ships Dump 1B Gallons of Sewage
Into the ocean in 2014.
Culture Shock
Elgin Marbles Leave U.K. for First Time
Disputed artefacts on loan to Russia.

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