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Sunday, December 21, 2014


You need to see the cutest posts that have ever graced Tumblr.

What a gift.


This drone captured some great kangaroo footage. Well, until the kangaroo decided enough was enough.


Batman Begins. Brokeback Mountain. And other films you won't believe are turning 10 years old in 2015.


Some of your favorite celebs are immigrants to the United States. The question is, do you know which ones?


Yik Yak became a super popular app in 2014. And these are their most popular posts of the year.


Waited too long to buy holiday gifts? No worries. These DIY gifts are cheap, easy, and actually cool.


Speaking of the holidays: Plenty of families make holiday cards. But these families took it to the next level.


And finally: You use it every day. But how well do you actually know the keyboard on your computer?

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