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Friday, November 7, 2014

You Look Great!

There are times when you don't feel like you look great. But trust us: You really do!

22 Pictures That Prove There Is Always Hope

That dorky kid is young George Clooney. That flawless human next to him is adult George Clooney. You never know what will happen.

if it can happen to George, it can happen to you


This is the toughest break-up survey you'll ever take. Just one thing: You'll have to be totally honest with us.


So many of the products you see on TV make no sense. Seriously, no one asked for any of this.


Here's to the Vines that get better every time you watch them. Who knew 6 seconds could be so timeless?


And here's to the tweets that spoke the freaking truth. Honesty only takes 140 characters.


The weekend is here, so chill out! Or don't, it's all good.


Female friendships are founded on so many important firsts. BFFs go through a lot together.


Sorry to everyone who has a tough first name. One day, the Starbucks baristas might actually get your name right.


And finally, here's a surprisingly difficult quiz: Is this celeb a teen or not?

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