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Friday, November 14, 2014

Yes, We're Still Talking About Kim Kardashian's Butt

Sorry, but she left us with so many questions! (FYI, we've got non-Kim links, too.)

Normal People Try To Catch Champagne With Their Ass Like Kim Kardashian

Is it possible to do it like Kim? The short answer: No, not quite.

tl;dr — it can't be done


Scientists figured out how to land a spaceship on a comet. Sadly, we still have so much left to do on Earth.


This woman says that Monster Energy drinks are Satanic. No comment yet on what this means for Red Bull.


This bookstore employee accidentally put The Bible next to "Fifty Shades Of Grey." That was a bad idea.


We asked BuzzFeed readers to tell us about burgers that changed their lives forever. They really delivered.


This is the definitive ex survey. How bad are your breakup habits?


Walmart is putting an end to Black Friday. BuzzFeed News reports on their new move: Having a week of deals instead.


Really interesting news: Here's how the Wikipedia pages you visit could help predict disease outbreaks.


Which TV BFFs are you and your best friend? It's time to find out.


And finally: Here's the ultimate Facebook drinking game. Please attempt it responsibly.

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