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Friday, November 14, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas From Christians

Read This, Skip That ....

November 14, 2014
The evangelical poster boy and erstwhile teen hunk of Growing Pains tells Christian fundamentalists that they need to lighten up in Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas. Brandy Zadrozny on Cameron's effort to rid Christians of their religious bah humbugs.

Under new powers outlined by British Prime Minister David Cameron, British jihadis who have traveled abroad to fight will not be allowed to return unless they agree to strict controls. The new powers also would give officials the ability to stop potential jihadis from leaving the U.K. Cameron announced the new rules while in Australia for the G-20 summit. The proposed new powers are part of a Counter-Terrorism Bill the leader hopes will become law by the end of January.

Will Democrats ever realize that increased immigration is not only bad policy, but a political loser as well? Doug McIntyre writes that President Obama's potential executive order is a slap in the face to Senate Republicans—and a little-noticed landmine among even blue-state Democrats.

A three-judge appeals court panel ruled Friday that the religious rights of Catholic nonprofit groups were not violated by a compromise made by the White House over contraception under the Affordable Care Act. The judges wrote in the ruling that despite the groups' claims that they should not have to pay for or facilitate access to contraception or abortion, "the regulations do not compel them to do that." The unanimous decision is the third to rule in favor of the government. The compromise allows the groups to opt out, which then forces insurers to pick up the tab.

A new report says laundry detergent pods are sending 20,000 kids to the hospital each year. But these pods aren't the only household objects that kids are gobbling up. Russell Saunders on the strangest swallow-ables landing children in the ER.

Obama: Stance on Keystone Unchanged
Defends process.
UVA Kidnapping Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
To 2005 sexual assault.
Comet Probe Begins to Drill
To collect scientific data.

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