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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sorry Not Sorry

These kids know exactly what to say in every situation. Everyone, take notes.

24 Kids Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

Not everyone in this world is wise enough to tell the truth. But these kids always do.

I'm NOT sorry, OK??


Thanks to his father's Facebook post, this man with Down syndrome received 30,000 cards for his birthday. The internet is so cool.


But then again: One Direction fans made a 50-year-old famous on Twitter. The internet is also so weird.


Let's face it: Most of what you see on Facebook is a lie. Because the truth would be too terrifying to actually post.


What's it like to not wear a bra for a week? One BuzzFeed writer decided to find out.


One woman is beating all the men at Movember. And it's glorious.


Planning on going out drinking this holiday weekend? Your drunk self needs these apps.


These jokes from kids are so bad. But they're also SO good.


And finally: These nine adorable kids talked about why books are they best. You've got that right, kids.

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