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Sunday, November 23, 2014


You could use a little happy. So here are the most joyous things of all time.

The 33 Most Joyous Things That Have Ever Happened

Can you make it through this post with smiling like an idiot? The answer is almost definitely "no."



Sure, these DIY gifts were meant for someone else. But they're so perfect, you might need to keep them for yourself.


This is a very important reminder: The boys of Harry Potter are all grown up. And they are very beautiful men.


Mashed potatoes come in all different shapes and sizes. And you should try all of them.


Speaking of mashed potatoes: These last minute Thanksgiving tips will make everything easier this week.


The new video for Beyoncé's song "7/11" is pure magic. Here's how you can throw an underwear dance party just like the Queen Bey's.


All you need is love to make your big day special. These city-hall weddings show that sometimes, less is more.


And finally: If most of the texts you send have no actual words, you need to learn just how dependent on emojis you really are.

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