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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

See, Now This Is A Greeting Card

Are you paying attention, Hallmark? These are the kind of cards people really want.

17 Lazy E-Cards That Get To The Point

Maybe you've sent an e-card before to a friend. But you really need honest cards like these.

you said it


There's a Barbie book called "I Can Be A Computer Engineer.” It's laughably sexist.


Here's what the voice actors from Pixar movies look like in real life. It's remarkable how many of them look like their characters.


There are 37 new emojis being considered for release. FYI: One is a taco.


And in related news: Have you ever noticed that there's an emoji with another emoji on it? There's probably a lot you've never realized.


It's a wonderful thing to have a best friend of the opposite sex. There's stuff guy-girl best friends just get.


Feeling chilly out there? You're not alone —  it was literally freezing in all 50 states on Tuesday.


Traveling this holiday season? These hacks will help get you through it.


And finally: Here's video of a pit bull who's afraid of walking through doors. So he goes through them the most adorable way: backwards.

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