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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ScienceDaily: Most Popular News

ScienceDaily: Most Popular News

Up to 80 million bacteria sealed with a kiss

Posted: 16 Nov 2014 06:10 PM PST

As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10 second kiss, according to new research. The study also found that partners who kiss each other at least nine times a day share similar communities of oral bacteria.

Theologian examines implications of 13th century manuscripts of Saint Francis of Assisi

Posted: 14 Nov 2014 09:44 AM PST

With the arrival in the United States earlier this week of several manuscripts from the Sacred Convent of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy, a theology professor and specialist in St. Francis, has her own tale to tell about encountering these 700-year-old documents.

Mission to discover hundreds of black holes could unlock secrets of the Universe

Posted: 14 Nov 2014 05:56 AM PST

Researchers have made a breakthrough in helping scientists discover hundreds of black holes throughout the universe. When two detectors are switched on in the US next year, scientists hope to pick up the faint ripples of black hole collisions millions of years ago, known as gravitational waves. Black holes cannot be seen, but scientists hope the revamped detectors -- which act like giant microphones -- will find remnants of black hole collisions.

The backwards brain? How brain maps develop to help us perceive the world

Posted: 12 Nov 2014 01:10 PM PST

Scientists reveal that physically moving forward actually trains the brain to perceive the world normally. The findings also show that, the order in which we see things could help the brain calibrate how we perceive time, as well as the objects around us.

‘Smart’ drugs won’t make smart people smarter, research concludes

Posted: 12 Nov 2014 10:19 AM PST

It is claimed one in five students have taken the 'smart' drug Modafinil to boost their ability to study and improve their chances of exam success. But new research into the effects of Modafinil has shown that healthy students could find their performance impaired by the drug. 

Facial structure predicts goals, fouls among World Cup soccer players

Posted: 12 Nov 2014 06:31 AM PST

The structure of a soccer player's face can predict his performance on the field -- including his likelihood of scoring goals, making assists and committing fouls -- according to a new study.

Some plants regenerate by duplicating their DNA

Posted: 11 Nov 2014 09:40 AM PST

When munched by grazing animals -- or mauled by scientists in the lab -- some herbaceous plants overcompensate, producing more plant matter and becoming more fertile than they otherwise would. Scientists say they now know how these plants accomplish this feat of regeneration.

Cinnamon-based Packaging To Prevent Mold In Bread And Other Baked Goods

Posted: 01 Sep 2008 06:53 PM PDT

Bread that goes moldy is the bane of consumers and bakers alike, ruining appetites and wasting food and money. Now, researchers have developed a new type of paper packaging made with cinnamon oil that appears to prolong the freshness of bread and other baked goods by up to 10 days.

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