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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ready To Eat?

These Turkey Day jokes are remarkably corny (and also kind of perfect).

15 Thanksgiving Jokes Your Grandma Will Eat Up

Finally, we've got an answer to the age-old question: How does a turkey drink her wine?

haha I see what you did there


A year ago, we asked our London office to try to label all 50 states. A year later, we tried again, hoping they'd learned something. (They hadn't.)


Forget finding a significant other. Your best friend might actually be your soulmate. Just look at Taylor Swift.


What would it look like if celebs' faces were symmetrical? The photos are kind of terrifying.


These jokes are very funny and really dirty. Like, so filthy you'll need to take a shower after. You've been warned.


Important news: A 5-month-old baby and a sloth are best friends. We should all be so lucky.


This is a photo of Paul Rudd in the 1980s. His hair is a thing of unexpected beauty.


And finally: Here's to Anna Kendrick. She changed the world in 2014 with her tweets.

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