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Thursday, November 6, 2014

How'd You Get So Weird?

Yeah, we're looking at YOU, with your weird habits (and your even weirder pets).

31 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say “WTF”

Come on, cat, what are you doing on the toilet? Get it together.

that makes no sense


Here's a simple tip, guys: Instead of catcalling a woman on the street, just offer another dude a compliment instead!


Need your faith in love restored? These "how we met" stories are for you.


Or maybe you'd prefer your faith in love destroyed forever? These breakup stories will be more to your liking.


Everyone's busy, and everyone wants new ways to get more done. Here's how you can multitask like a pro.


These four people tried to see if they could fake the before and after photos from diet and exercise ads. What they discovered was incredible.


The FDA allows certain disgusting things to be legally added to food. Just thinking about it might make you sick.


The sex talk is weird for everyone. But it should probably go a little better than this.


You might not be a following a single beard-centric account on Instagram. That's a huge mistake. You need some whiskers in your life ASAP.


And finally: Apologies to all the Erins out there. The non-Erins of the world can't possibly understand your struggle.

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