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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Good Luck!

You're going to need it — especially when things are going horribly, terribly wrong.

17 Times You Realized No One Was Coming To Save You

When Siri abandons you, you realize: You're definitely on your own.

Siri, that is SO mean


Women are sharing photos of what they wore when they were catcalled. Here's proof that clothes don't determine the likelihood of being harassed.


Celebs have started opening up lately about how tough it is to deal with depression. Their honesty is refreshing.


Important news from the world of cute: This is a dog dressed as a teddy bear, and it'll fill your heart with delight.


Anyone with a boyfriend will recognize these faces. Dealing with men is the worst.


Facebook's releasing a new tool to let you tweak your news feed. They explained to BuzzFeed News why they're making such a big change.


Do you want to know a secret? Some celebs aren't who you think they are. It's time for the truth to be revealed.


How good of an American are you compared to everyone else? Feel free to show off your patriotism.


And finally: Here's to the couples who've nailed this relationship thing. You're doing things right.

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