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Friday, November 21, 2014

Come On, Netflix!

It's about time you improved your recommendations to give us useful suggestions.

11 Suggestions We Wish Netflix Would Make

Netflix is always telling you to watch Orange Is The New Black. But these recommendations would be more useful.

haha that's perfect


A high school principal is at the center of controversy after sending out a tweet about interracial students. Was it insensitive, or just a misunderstanding?


Some parents spank their kids as punishment. Jamie Oliver apparently feeds his children ultra-hot peppers.


PSA: When you take a selfie with an iPad, you always look weird. Friends don't let friends take iPad photos.


And speaking of goofy people in public: These are the most dad things to ever happen.


What's actually in your favorite holiday coffees? You probably don't want to know.


When you're drunk, you make some unquestionably bad decisions. Drunk you is your own worst enemy.


Some Canadian dude invented the Hawaiian pizza. Chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica. And 38 other facts that will change the way you see food.


And finally: These people were defeated by autocorrect. One day, they'll get revenge (or not).

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