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Friday, November 28, 2014

Cheat Sheet - The Heart-Breaking Baptism of Michael Brown Sr.

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November 28, 2014
When Michael Brown Sr. joined nearly a dozen members of his family to be baptized Sunday, his son was supposed to be there. The haunting ceremony was captured in a series of remarkable photographs, which have been shared with The Daily Beast. Little more than a day later, after the grand jury decision was released, his church was burned to the ground. Justin Glawe reports on the two pastor brothers guiding Michael Brown's parents through these trying times.
The biggest shopping day of the year has taken on a whole new meaning in Colorado now that recreational marijuana stores are legal. Abby Haglage reports on all the deals—from $1 joints to holiday-themed edibles.

Looking for a new tactic to demonstrate their anger, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, started targeting Black Friday sales at big-box retailers. Some protesters started inside a Wal-Mart in another nearby town, chanting peacefully, "Hands up, don't shoot!" to shoppers walking by. After police broke them up, they moved on to a Target store for a similar protest. They are planning more on Friday.


Major streets in Austin have been closed down by police as they conduct an investigation into a man suspected of opening fire on multiple buildings downtown, including the police headquarters, the federal courthouse, and the Mexican Consulate. According to initial reports, police returned fire at the station, and killed the man. When officers went to tend to the man, they said they saw what looked like an improvised explosive device in his car. The man was also reportedly wearing what looked like a vest with explosives. Officers then retreated and called in the bomb squad. There is now a police robot checking out a device left near the station.

"Patriotic businessmen" in Ukraine have taken to funding Ukrainian self-defense militias to combat pro-Moscow separatists and Russian troops in the country's southeast. Jamie Dettmer reports on the men behind these nationalist militias looking to replace the fumbling government in Kiev.

Cosby Made Deal With National Enquirer
To hold accuser's story.
Europe Chief Survives Confidence Vote
Spurred by conflict of interest concerns.
Taliban Attacks Upscale Kabul District
Foreigners targeted.
China Cracks Down on Puns
Says they create misunderstanding.
Close Call
2 Boys Rescued From Snow Mound
Trapped for more than four hours.

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