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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cheat Sheet - The Deadly Drone Spotters of Pakistan

Read This, Skip That ....

November 12, 2014

Meet the people with the most dangerous day job in the world: U.S. informants in Pakistan identifying targets for drone strikes. Umar Farooq and Syed Fakhar Kakakhel report that they've got a target on their backs now, with an al Qaeda strike force trying to kill them.


Vladimir Putin may have grabbed headlines for lending China's first lady his coat, but President Obama and President Xi Jinping made news of more substance at the APEC Summit, announcing a joint plan Wednesday to curb carbon emissions. Under the deal between the world's No. 1 and 2 polluters, seen as essential to negotiating a new global climate agreement by 2015, the United States would emit 26 percent to 28 percent less carbon in 2025 than it did in 2005, and China would reach peak carbon emissions by 2030.


Republican control of the U.S. Senate has increased, as a previously too-close-to-call race in Alaska has been declared for candidate Dan Sullivan. Sullivan, 49, who defeated incumbent Mark Begich, is a former Alaska attorney general and U.S. Marine Corps officer who was assistant secretary of state under President George W. Bush. He was leading by a mere 8,100 votes on Nov. 4, but Alaska law requires elections workers to wait a week before counting the 20,000 absentee ballots.


The European Space Agency's plan to attempt an unprecedented and risky landing on a comet is on course, as scientists prepare to send the landing craft Philae from the mother ship Rosetta to Comet 67P on Wednesday. Overnight, commands were sent to wake up Philae, but the robotic lander began using a backup computer rather than the main computer. The result was that not all the telemetry data was being sent to Earth. The agency solved the problem by "power-cycling" the lander. Philae, which is the size of a washing machine, woke up properly and now everything is back on course. Philae has spent 10 years fixed to the side of Rosetta during the journey across the solar system. Scientists hope the probe will help them learn a lot more about the composition of comets and how they react when they get close to the sun.


While 2016 was supposed to be the year of strong presidential candidates by the GOP, one man with extreme views and no political experience is trying to upend everything. Olivia Nuzzi reports on the weird campaign of neurosurgeon Ben Carson and the cast of characters working to get him to the White House.

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