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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can We Be Honest?

Because we've been sending some Snapchats lately that aren't quite truthful.

If only anybody was actually honset on social media.


Did you know that Costco has no limit on free samples? I repeat: There is no limit on free samples.


This male TV host wore the same suit for a year to make a point about sexism, and it totally worked.


Breaking up via text is never a good idea. But this? This is perhaps the worst breakup text of all time.


Hey baby, you're pretty cute. And you totally nailed this holiday photo shoot.


Already worried about making a million things the day before Thanksgiving? Try making these dishes ahead of time, and save yourself the stress.


Speaking of Thanksgiving: Your oven is sick of spending holiday season alone. These recipes to make in a crock pot can change that.


Come on humanity, time to step it up. These 29 people took the word "fail" to a new level.


Would you rather make out with Bradley Cooper, or eat as many ribs as you want without gaining weight? This man vs. food "would you rather" is extremely difficult.

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