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Sunday, October 5, 2014

ScienceDaily: Top Technology News

ScienceDaily: Top Technology News

NASA's SDO watches giant filament on the sun

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 06:43 PM PDT

A snaking, extended filament of solar material currently lies on the front of the sun -- some 1 million miles across from end to end. Filaments are clouds of solar material suspended above the sun by powerful magnetic forces. Though notoriously unstable, filaments can last for days or even weeks.

Engineers use 3-D gaming gear to give eye-opening look at cells in action

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 06:43 PM PDT

For hundreds of years biologists have studied cells through the lens of a microscope. With a little help from a team of engineers, these scientists could soon be donning 3-D glasses in a home-theater-like lab to take their own fantastic voyage into the petri dish.

Continuous fabrication system for highly aligned polymer films provides method for tuning mechanical and thermal properties in bulk polymers

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 10:54 AM PDT

Novel and scalable continuous fabrication process combining Couette flow extrusion and macroscopic plastic deformation results in ability to increase mechanical, thermal, and crystalline properties in bulk polymer films.

Breakthrough technique offers prospect of silicon detectors for telecommunications

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 10:53 AM PDT

Researchers have demonstrated a breakthrough technique that offers the first possibility of silicon detectors for telecommunications. For decades, silicon has been the foundation of the microelectronics revolution and, owing to its excellent optical properties in the near- and mid-infrared range, is now promising to have a similar impact on photonics.

Social networks can strengthen knowledge-sharing

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 10:51 AM PDT

Contrary to the notion that social networks are time-wasters, they could improve project management and the spread of specialized knowledge in the healthcare sector and possibly other large organizations, according to new research.

Nanotechnology: Fullerene spheres can be used to slide in the nanoworld

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 06:21 AM PDT

"Nano–machines" (around one billionth of a meter in size) of the future will need tiny devices to reduce friction and make movement possible. The C60 molecule, also known as fullerene or buckyball, seemed to many an excellent candidate for nano-bearings. Unfortunately, the results so far have been conflicting, calling for further studies, like the one just carried out by a theoretical team. Through a series of computer simulations the scientists uncovered the reason for the experimental discrepancies and shed light on the true potential of this material.

In a bad mood? Head to Facebook and find someone worse off

Posted: 02 Oct 2014 09:30 AM PDT

When people are in a bad mood, they are more likely to actively search social networking sites like Facebook to find friends who are doing even worse than they are, a new study suggests. "One of the great appeals of social network sites is that they allow people to manage their moods by choosing who they want to compare themselves to," the authors said.

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