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Friday, October 10, 2014

ScienceDaily: Most Popular News

ScienceDaily: Most Popular News

Impossibly bright dead star: X-ray source in the Cigar Galaxy is the first ultraluminous pulsar ever detected

Posted: 08 Oct 2014 10:34 AM PDT

Astronomers working with NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) have found a pulsating dead star beaming with the energy of about 10 million suns. The object, previously thought to be a black hole because it is so powerful, is in fact a pulsar -- the incredibly dense rotating remains of a star.

Hungry black hole eats faster than thought possible

Posted: 08 Oct 2014 10:13 AM PDT

Astronomers have discovered a black hole that is consuming gas from a nearby star 10 times faster than previously thought possible. The black hole -- known as P13 -- lies on the outskirts of the galaxy NGC7793 about 12 million light years from Earth and is ingesting a weight equivalent to 100 billion billion hot dogs every minute.

Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

Posted: 08 Oct 2014 10:11 AM PDT

Engineers have designed a concept for a fusion reactor that, when scaled up to the size of a large electrical power plant, would rival costs for a new coal-fired plant with similar electrical output.

Antarctic sea ice reaches new record maximum

Posted: 08 Oct 2014 09:21 AM PDT

Sea ice surrounding Antarctica reached a new record high extent this year, covering more of the southern oceans than it has since scientists began a long-term satellite record to map the extent in the late 1970s.

What 20 years of research on cannabis use has taught us

Posted: 07 Oct 2014 06:24 AM PDT

In the past 20 years, recreational cannabis use has grown tremendously, becoming almost as common as tobacco use among adolescents and young adults, and so has the research evidence. A major new review sets out the latest information on the effects of cannabis use on mental and physical health.

Non-coding half of human genome unlocked with novel sequencing technique

Posted: 07 Oct 2014 06:17 AM PDT

An obscure swatch of human DNA once thought to be nothing more than biological trash may actually offer a treasure trove of insight into complex genetic-related diseases such as cancer and diabetes, thanks to a novel sequencing technique developed by biologists.

Number of genes linked to height revealed by study

Posted: 05 Oct 2014 10:49 AM PDT

The largest genome-wide association study to date, involving more than 300 institutions and more than 250,000 subjects, roughly doubles the number of known gene regions influencing height to more than 400. The study provides a better glimpse at the biology of height and offers a model for investigating traits and diseases caused by many common gene changes acting together.

Second case of apparent HIV 'cure' in baby followed by reappearance of virus

Posted: 02 Oct 2014 07:11 PM PDT

A new case report is the second report of apparent viral remission followed by rebound in a baby given early ART treatment, after the case of the 'Mississippi baby' received widespread attention in the last year.

Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

Posted: 19 May 2009 02:20 PM PDT

The inactivated flu vaccine does not appear to be effective in preventing influenza-related hospitalizations in children, especially the ones with asthma. In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than their peers who do not get the vaccine, according to new research. While these findings do raise questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, they do not in fact implicate it as a cause of hospitalizations, according to researchers.

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