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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scare Your Kids

Or somebody else's kids! Halloween should be about the trick AND the treat.

Halloween should be scary, after all.


Note to everyone: If you try to make fun of Seth Rogen on Twitter, be ready for the consequences.


Want to be able to tuck in, roll, and belt your clothes like a celebrity? Here's how they do it.


It's been 17 years since Titanic came out. A lot has changed since then.


You're too lazy to come up with a Halloween outfit, but you still want to dress up. Don't worry: we've got your back.


Speaking of making things easy: It's time to get rid of your useless stuff. These minimalist hacks will maximize your space.


Babies. Posing with dogs. Need I say more?


And finally: Just because you don't live with you mom anymore doesn't mean you don't still need her.

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