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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cheat Sheet - How ISIS’s Colorado Girls Were Caught

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October 23, 2014
Gone Missing

Three girls from Colorado were arrested in Germany on Tuesday en route to Syria. Complaints of illness, snatching $2,000 from dad, a quick trip to the Denver airport—this was not your typical runaway tale, Michael Daly writes.


University of Florida quarterback Treon Harris texted "Don't tell nobody bout nothing" to the woman who accused him of rape on the day after the alleged incident, according to a police report obtained by The New York Times. The female student told campus police that Harris held her down with his body weight, and that she repeatedly protested and tried to escape. She later withdrew the complaint. Harris, 19, admitted he had sex with the student, but said he did not rape her. He claimed the text was about not wanting another woman to find out about the sex. Harris was originally suspended from the team, but when the accuser withdrew the complaint, he was reinstated.


Police in Ottawa now believe that only one gunman, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was involved in the shooting at the National War Memorial and on Parliament Hill on Wednesday. According to law-enforcement officials, no other gunmen are being sought, however the investigation is still ongoing. Zehaf-Bibeau shot Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and then raced to Parliament Hill, where he was shot and killed in a gun fight in the halls of the government. He was killed just yards away from the room where MPs hold weekly caucus meetings. It is not clear yet, however, whether or not Zehaf-Bibeau is part of a larger terrorist network in the country.


A day after a ceasefire was announced with Boko Haram, the terrorist group abducted 25 more women and girls. The truce had given many hope that the hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls would be returned after six months in captivity. The group hit three towns in northeast Nigeria, and rounded up women and girls in each.


Steve Carrell and his prosthetic nose are good in the brooding, atmospheric Foxcatcher, but it's Channing Tatum who is perfect as a beefed up '80s athlete in double denim. Nico Hines on Tatum's career-best performance in Oscar-buzz behemoth.

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