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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Even Pope Francis Isn’t a Creationist

Read This, Skip That ....

October 28, 2014
Pope Francis took on the daunting task of reconciling science and scripture on Monday, telling a plenary that God isn't a "magician," but more like a supreme helper. He stopped short of endorsing the Big Bang theory, writes Barbie Latza Nadeau, but argued that it and evolution do not contradict religion.

The teenager who murdered two of his classmates before killing himself is being memorialized at his Washington state high school. Jaylen Fryberg gunned down five of his friends after he texted them to join him for lunch. Two were killed and three, including two of his cousins, were seriously wounded. At Marysville-Pilchuck High School, there are rows of plastic cups with candles for each of the students, including Fryberg. Tributes to Fryberg, who was named homecoming prince just a week before the shooting, include a white wrestling shoe and a youth football photo. "Jaylen where do I begin, you were my brother my best friend love you bro," read one message. "Generally the shooter is not someone who was this loved over time," said Carolyn Reinach Wolf, a mental-health attorney. "This is a very different response. People are able to get past the grief of the victims and see that the shooter's family is grieving and horrified just as much."

A Moscow aquarium admitted to hiding the presence of two orcas for months and animal-rights activists say the mammals have been kept in rusty cages and abused. Anna Nemtsova reports from the sea park that's drawing protesters.

A Santa Fe deputy sheriff was shot dead by a fellow deputy overnight at a hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The two deputies were staying in the Hotel Encanto after extraditing a prisoner to Arizona, but the prisoner was not with the deputies at the time. Jeremy Martin was shot with several rounds from a semi-automatic weapon shortly after midnight following an argument between the two deputies, according to police. One unidentified deputy is in custody.

Taylor Swift was just named Global Welcome Ambassador for the Big Apple, but will New Yorkers have patience for her? Unlike well-behaved visitors to our fair island, writes Amy Zimmerman, Swift seems intent on staying over interminably—complaining about ex-boyfriends, showing us pictures of her cats, and trying to explain over and over again what a bodega is.

Tsarnaev Pal Found Guilty of Lying
During Boston bombing investigation.
Postal Service OK'd 50,000 Spy Requests
Many without adequate reasoning.
Cop-Killing Suspect Was Deported Twice
Two deputies killed, motorist seriously wounded.
Second Dallas Nurse Is Free of Ebola
Amber Vinson to be released today.
Taco Bell Launches New Ordering App
Fast food gets faster.

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