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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Europe’s Hidden Ebola Cases

Read This, Skip That ....

October 15, 2014
Two people have contracted Ebola in the United States, but Europe has at least eight infections and as many as 12 more suspected cases. Barbie Latza Nadeau reports from Rome on the dangers, false alarms, and racist taunts gripping a continent.

The CDC announced that the second Dallas nurse to contract Ebola flew the day before she felt ill. It's critical to note that people with Ebola are not contagious until they exhibit symptoms, but the CDC wants to contact all 132 passengers "because of the proximity in time between the evening flight and first report of illness." The patient has been identified as 29-year-old registered nurse Amber Joy Vinson, who treated "index patient" Thomas Eric Duncan. On Oct. 8, he died. CDC Director Thomas Frieden said that Vinson should not have been traveling on a commercial airline. On Oct. 10, she flew from Dallas to Cleveland to visit family in Ohio. On Oct. 13, she flew on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland back to Dallas. The flight landed at 8:16 p.m., and the crew has since said she did not appear to be ill. Vinson entered the hospital on the morning of Oct. 14 with a low-grade fever and was placed in isolation. That night she tested positive for the Ebola virus. The CDC announced that one of the two nurses will be flown to Atlanta to be treated at the Emory University hospital.


Rejoice, cord-cutters! HBO will start selling its services without requiring customers to buy a television subscription. Sometime in 2015, HBO will launch a "stand alone, over the top" version for the Web, said CEO Richard Plepler. He estimated that there are about 10 million potential customers who want to purchase HBO subscriptions but do not want to buy "bundles" of cable stations or a television set at all. The move to offer digital-only packages is seen as a response to the rise of Netflix, as well as the pressure to allow Time Warner to extract more value from their partnership. Plepler did not elaborate on any details regarding the pricing or what the HBO service will include. 

The latest employee benefit in the tech industry is companies covering the cost of freezing eggs for female employees. The move by Facebook and Apple has been portrayed as empowering women who want to have longer careers by delaying pregnancy. However, writes Samantha Allen, this is just Big Tech deploying a hasty technological stopgap that's representative of its ignorance about the difficulties women in tech face.

Feminist writer and video-game critic Anita Sarkeesian canceled her Wednesday speech at Utah State University after receiving death threats and learning firearms could not be banned at her event. "Forced to cancel my talk at USU after receiving death threats because police wouldn't take steps to prevent concealed firearms at the event," Sarkeesian tweeted. Utah State said it is not legally permitted to block people from carrying concealed weapons into the lecture. "In accordance with the State of Utah law regarding the carrying of firearms, if a person has a valid concealed firearm permit and is carrying a weapon, they are permitted to have it at the venue," the university said in a statement.

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Nurses: Hospital Botched Ebola Case
Flimsy gear and worse.
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Power plants the size of fridges.

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