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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Are You Eating Wrong?

This isn't a joke. You've probably been dipping your chips and eating bagels wrong.

7 Ingenious Hacks To Make Your Life More Delicious

You've put cheese on the wrong half of the burger. You've dipped chips incorrectly. It's all been a terrible lie!

your burger, now 100% more delicious! (you're welcome!)


These people committed horrible crimes against the English language. PLEASE use spell check next time.


The text that tries to talk you into something. The text that feigns disappointment. And 22 other texts you only get from your sister.


A 22-year-old teacher quit her job to twerk professionally. She says she's making six figures, too.


Women are constantly being told not to wear specific items of clothing. And the list gets longer every week.


Sorry, internet readers. That thumbnail image probably isn't what you think it is.


It's time to ask yourself an important, difficult question: How well do you know America?


Everyone likes a good deal. Here are a few secrets every bargain shopper should know.


What type of awkward are you? Awkward isn't quite the same for everyone.


And finally: Have you ever wondered how a McDonald's hamburger patty gets made? Because here's your answer.

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