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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Job Done Wrong

These people had one job. One job. And they messed it up.

34 People Who Managed To Screw Up Their One Job

Congratulations, person who clearly doesn't know what a cucumber is. You had one job, and you screwed it up.

Those aren't cucumbers.


This girl wanted a snack, so she got a banana. And then she discovered it was filled with dozens of spiders.


In better teen news: After Emma Watson made a feminist speech at the UN, this boy wrote a terrific letter about why feminism is so important.


Remember the potato salad Kickstarter? Well, that guy finally had his party. And there was plenty of potato salad.


An old issue of Ebony magazine tried to predict how stars would look in the year 2000. They were way, way off.


Pepperoni pizza cake. Pepperoni pizza. Cake. PEPPERONI PIZZA CAKE.


Speaking of deliciously unhealthy food: If you have kids, you need to know which fast food meals to make sure they avoid.


"Flesh-colored" Band-Aids. Always being asked about your heritage. And other problems all brown people know too well.


And finally: You think you're well-read. But how many of these books' opening lines do you really know?

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