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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rihanna’s Gigantic Dress Just Won The Grammys

Here’s to her pink poofy masterpiece, and T-Swift and Kanye smiling together.

13 Random Things That Rihanna Looked Like At The Grammys

A giant ice cream cone? The world’s poofiest umbrella? Rihanna sure looked like a lot of things.

so SO poofy


Also of note from the red carpet: Iggy Azalea’s hair almost stole the show, too.


Taylor Swift danced like her usual awesome self at the Grammys. Pharrell seemed less than happy about that.


Good news for T-Swift, though: She and Kanye West ended their feud. At last, our long national nightmare is over.


Alright, moving on: Some “As Seen On TV” products are useful. Nobody asked for these.


Everyone makes bad decisions when drunk. But at least your intentions were good, right?


How embarrassing were your teenage years? It’s time to find out. (Sorry, no boys allowed for this one.)


This Valentine’s Day, don’t buy a gift for a loved one. Save the good stuff for yourself.


And finally: How much do you hate Valentine’s Day? Maybe even more than you know.

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