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Friday, January 2, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

Armed Robber Holds Up Fireworks Stand, Clerk Shows Him A Different Kind Of Firecracker

An employee at a fireworks stand near Houston used a special kind of firecracker in response to an armed robbery attempt that occurred Tuesday night. The stick-up took place at a Black Cat Fireworks stand at around 10 p.m. Two men pulled up in a…

Hot English Teacher Arrested For Victimizing 18-Year-Old Male Student With Sex Ordeal

Will traumatized adult teen ever recover?

EUREKA!: Someone Created A Poop Map Of San Francisco To Track The Homeless

A problem than can't be flushed down the drain

GOP State Lawmakers Fighting To Keep Medicaid Expansions At Bay

Trying to shrink state government instead of expanding it

Suicide Bomber Strikes Church In Nigeria

Boko Haram possible culprit

These Will Be The Five Biggest Education Issues Of 2015

Milwaukee Streetcar Will Benefit Developers At Taxpayers' Expense

Federal Disaster Aid Soaring Because Of Outdated FEMA Rules

Australian Diplomats Have A 600-Page Koala Manual

Cuddly, chlamydia-ridden 'Cheech and Chongs'

'Polar Vortex,' 'Bae' Top Annual Word Banishment List

Cra-cra foodies need to go

Michigan Bans Student Athlete Unions

No collective bargaining for Wolverines

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